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Your Library Card

Getting a card, renewing materials, requesting materials, etc.

Getting a Card:

On November 11, 1997, we became a district library with boundaries matching Harrisburg Community Unit School District #3. In February 2008, we extended our boundaries to include area from the Gallatin County School District that is actually in Saline County.   You may print this form to bring with you when applying for a card.  Be sure to bring a photo ID with current address, or photo ID with something showing your current address. A utility bill mailed to your present address is an example of proof of residence in the library district.

  1. To obtain a library card, a patron must show identification with a current address. Driver’s licenses are usually requested because it contains all the necessary information plus a photo ID.
  2. Children under the age of sixteen may obtain a library card with parent’s signature on the application.
  3. Minors aged sixteen or older may obtain the card but must list the parent’s name on the application.

Non-residents (those living outside the Harrisburg Public Library District) should be sure whether or not they pay taxes to a local library.  If no taxes are paid to support a library, the patron should go to the library closest to them to purchase a library card.  The non-resident fee is in lieu of taxes and is paid annually to that library. There are four library districts in Saline County:  Harrisburg Public Library District, Carrier Mills/Stonefort Public Library District, Eldorado Memorial Public Library District, and Galatia Public Library District. Gallatin County has only the Shawneetown Public Library for the residents of Shawneetown.  Hardin County has only the Rosiclare Memorial Public Library for the residents of Rosiclare.  Pope County has only the Golconda Public Library for the residents of Golconda.  If you reside outside the city limits of these towns, you must pay a non-resident fee to obtain a library card.

Placing a request for materials …:

Our homepage provides access to the “card catalog” database of all the automated libraries in the Illinois Heartland Library System.  You may search by Keyword, Title and Author.  The title of the material links to the page that lists which libraries own a copy of the material.  (The libraries are listed farther down the page.)  You may request the item by a click of the button and by entering your library card barcode.

You may log in to your account by typing in your library barcode (found on the back of your library card) and your PIN (personal identification number).  If you do not have a PIN number, you may get one by stopping at the library to add it to your patron record.  The librarians do not give PINs over the phone.

When you have logged in to your account, you have access to the items you have checked out in case you want to renew them.  You can see if the material you have requested has arrived at Harrisburg District Library.  You can place your requests/holds on inactive status so that they don’t arrive while you are on vacation out of town.  When you come back home, log back in and change the status back to active.